Interior Fluff Research


 In 2011 I started photographing zoo gift shops across the United State, slowly building my collection of stuffed menageries as I traveled through cities here and there. I am fascinated with our connection to stuffed distorted versions of animals and how often our first impression of the natural world is a very unnatural stuffed bear with abnormally large black eyes. In all zoos across the United States the gift shop is a place for patrons to the park to obtain ownership. To buy the gorilla that put his hands on the glass when you were walking by him in the zoo and take him home and name him Freckles. My desire is to document this occurrence along with the beautifully organized and designed walls of animals in metals baskets or wood crates. This ongoing project explores the similarities and differences between the faux and real and how a conceptually overlooked section might be the most trafficked area in the zoo.


(This is an On-going project.)

Oklahoma City Zoo

New England Aquarium

Houston Zoo

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo