Frozen Zoo 


Earth's next inhabitants will excavate plastics. Synthetic animal like figures will produce a distorted archive for future generations to interpret and consume. I am concerned about our ecosystem and the history we are writing. My ambition as an artist is to transport, isolate, and reconfigure moments of commonality into a contemplative space for consideration.  The role of my installations is to bring awareness to the duality of decay and re-growth.  For the first time in our planet's history microorganisms are being out produced by manmade synthetic. This reality prefaces a forsaken future.


Frozen Zoo is a reference to the San Diego Zoo's genetic storage facility, currently acting as a modern-day Noah's Ark. This facility houses over 8,200 samples of DNA, Sperm, Eggs, Embryo and Live Tissue from more than 800 species. In Frozen Zoo, I explore themes of degeneration and extinction. Synthetic fiber animals are encased in large blocks of water reminiscent to the cryopreservation techniques used at the San Diego's Zoo's Frozen Zoo. Roughly 400 hand-painted scientific glass slides are installed along the walls acting as a visual bar graph. Focusing on 50 critically endangered animals listed on the IUCN RED list as of 2015. The animals featured in this exhibition are known as some of the loneliest animals on the planet.